Craps Bets: Payouts, True Odds, and House Edges

This is a basic guide for new players of craps with regards to learning the different craps bets and payouts of the game. A brief explanation on each craps bet is also included.

Seven - A payout of 4:1 is often given by casinos on a seven even if the true odds are 5:1. The house edge for this craps bet is 16.66% thus making it a poor bet in craps.

Eleven - Even if the true odds of an eleven are 17:1, the casinos often give the payout of 14:1. The house has full advantage over this bet in craps.

Place Bets - Hitting a four or a ten has a payout of 9:5, but the true odds of this craps bet is 10:5 making the house edge at 6.66%. Hitting a five or a nine has a payout of 7:5, but the true odds of this craps bet is 7.5:5 making the house edge at 4%. Hitting a six or an eight has a payout of 7:6, but the true odds of this craps bet is 6:5 making the house edge at 1.51%.

Buy Bets - The craps players will have to pay a 5% commission to get the true odds of all the numbers. But the worthwhile bets in buy bets are when a four or a ten is rolled because they decrease the house edge from being 6.66% down to 4.76%.

Hard Ways - This craps bet can only be done on the hard four, hard six, hard eight, and hard ten. The payouts are 9:1 for the hard six or hard eight and 7:1 for the hard four and hard ten. And the house edges of these craps bets are 9.09% and 11.11% each, which makes both of them not good betting options.

Come and Don't Come Bets - These are even money craps bets that have low house edges of 1.414% and 1.402%, respectively.

Pass Line - The house edge of these craps bets is the same as that of the come bets.

Don't Pass - The craps bets that have similar house edge with don't come bets, thus making them a good bet.

The Field - This is a one-roll craps bet that has a payout of 2:1 on a two or 12 with a house edge of 5.55%.

Big Six and Eight - Even if the true odds of these craps bets are 6:5, the casinos will pay you even money and the house edge is 9.09%.

Now that you know the payouts, true odds, and house edges of the various craps bets, make the wise decision in where to place your bets and take advantage on those bets that have lower house edges for the chance of winning.

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