Pairs for Profit in Poker

Playing pairs at the Unibet bettingpoker table can be tricky, not least because their rarity can often make you overvalue them and play them in unprofitable situations. In this article we’ll define the three categories of pairs and outline when it’s optimal to play them.

Low Pairs: A low pair is any pair between pocket deuces and pocket eights. This may seem like a liberal categorisation, however, when faced with a lot of action and a board containing high cards, pocket eights are no better than pocket deuces, thus it’s possible to call them low pairs. In some cases you could argue that pocket eights are a medium strength holding; however, if you’re planning a conservative strategy for today’s aggressive games than a low rating is acceptable.

Low pairs should only be played in position if the pot is raised and out of position if the pot is limped and multiple players are involved. The reason for this is that you are essentially playing them to hit a set. Any time that doesn’t happen then you will usually be giving up your hand.

Medium Pairs: Medium strength pairs are essentially pocket nines and tens. Although limited they are the two pairs with which you’d probably be willing to move all-in pre-flop with against the right person – although you may not be thrilled at having to do it. They also play relatively well post-flop, even in the presence of high cards, so for that reason you can be afford to play them more often – even out of position at time if necessary.

High Pairs:If you’re dealt a pair of jacks, queens, kings or aces you can be confident that you have a high pocket pair and you’re in a strong position. Indeed, if you were to be pushed pre-flop you’d be happy to move all-in with one of these hands. Playing premium pairs is easy and, because of their strength, you can be confident enough to play them in all positions in the most aggressive way possible.

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