• Craps Bets: Payouts, True Odds, and House Edges - A basic knowledge of the various craps bets with their respective payouts, true odds, and house edges is very essential for new players. This knowledge can help them to make wise decisions during a craps game and take advantage on the winning situations.
  • Pairs for Profit in Poker - Playing pairs at the Unibet bettingpoker table can be tricky, not least because their rarity can often make you overvalue them and play them in unprofitable situations.
  • Playing the Game of Craps Optimally - Craps can be really bewildering to a beginner especially during the initial stages of learning the game. One of the primary reason is the different wagers in the game. But once you have mastered this part, playing craps can be a very easy and enjoyable experience.
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